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A Real Estate Agent’s Guide to the Good Life outlines what we think every real estate professional should consider when it comes time to choose a new brokerage, or revamp their existing business. 
As always it seems, our industry is going through a period of rapid change. The online real estate portals are growing faster and larger and positioning themselves as the first place buyers look when they consider a move. Consequently more and more agents are paying an ever greater share of their commission income to purchasing online ‘leads’ that more often than not are simply online ‘inquiries’.  
The typical real estate agent is fast becoming a commodity and in some circles even viewed as an impediment to the home buying process. To be successful today, real estate professionals have to bring more and more value to the marketplace as trusted advisors, not just keepers of the keys. Living the good life means positioning yourself and your business as the antidote to the complexities many buyers and sellers find when it comes time to make a move. You must set yourself apart. 
While our business today is strong, we will continue to have ups and downs and another ‘down’ could come sooner rather than later. While it is critical that all of us ‘make hay while the sun shines’, we have to lay the groundwork to ensure we have a steady stream of leads and referrals coming in when things slow down. Do this, and while many of your peers are panicking you will be secure in the value, and the resulting referrals, you and your business generates. 
Our mission at ROOST Real Estate Co. is to support the finest real estate professionals in the business in their quest for the good life. We want our brokerages to be the only brokerages our agents will ever need.