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The ROOST Property Management Solution

When you own investment real estate you are in the property management business. When you are in the property management business you are in the tenant relation business. While it may seem obvious it bears stating: successful tenant relations are the key to a profitable real estate business.

Are You An “Accidental” Landlord?
Did you become a real estate investor by accident? For instance, did you choose to move to a new home but decided to keep and rent your former home until the market turns around? More and more people everyday are finding themselves in this situation.

A Professional Investor?
Are you a professional investor who sees real estate as a solid long term opportunity but prefer to keep a ‘hands off’ approach because of a full time job and other obligations? Or, are you the type of investor who has created a business from his or her investment activities and runs this business on a part or full time basis?
Regardless of how you became a real estate investor, big or small, we can help ensure you earn the best possible return on your investment.

Do you need the services of a property manager?
Are you someone who enjoys and excels at working with tenants? Are you a natural at working the phones, solving problems, screening applicants and managing conflict? Do you like collecting rent, posting three day notices, and filing evictions when necessary? If not, our ROOST property management team can take care of it for you.

What should you expect from your property manager?
A Property Management company should offer a solution specifically tailored to your individual needs and situation. A successful relationship will allow you, the property owner, to focus on the things you do best, and delegate the things you prefer not to do to the property manager.

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Chris McAllister
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