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Making a move from the home you own now to a new one can seem overwhelming. In fact, for many people the goal is so big and complex that they put off even considering it. At ROOST Real Estate Co.™ we specialize in simplifying the process of selling one house while at the same time negotiating the purchase of a new one.

Here are some of the things we hear from clients:

“I hear it is a great time to buy. I don’t want to miss out.”

“I don’t want to sell my house before I find a new one. Where will I live?”

“I think I could rent my house and cover my monthly payment but I do
not want to be a landlord.”

“We can’t afford to buy a new house without selling our old house first. Or can we? ”

“I want a new home but I don’t want to risk having two house payments. How can we get the house we really want but pay off our mortgage on this one first?”

Does any of this sound familiar?
Helping clients make the big moves in their lives is one of the most rewarding parts of our jobs as ROOST™ real estate professionals. It is how we help our clients live the way they want to live today. We appreciate the trust you are placing in us to guide you through the process.

All the Best!

Chris McAllister
Founder ROOST Real Estate Co.™